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City Mouse coming to Triple Nickel


  • Denise Borders
By record industry standards, Michigan-based punk band City Mouse’s forthcoming debut album Get Right — which will be released by It’s Alive Records on Friday the 13th of October — takes the “long-awaited” concept to new extremes. Miski Dee Rodriguez and her band have been together, with a few lineup changes, since 2001. It’s not that they’re complete studio novices; in true punk-rock fashion, they’ve released three EPs on 7” vinyl. Rodriguez, meanwhile, has clearly gotten the two-minute single down, as she belts out lyrics (“And I hate sex / And I hate love / But mostly I hate when I mix them up”) that are more soulful and less solipsistic than those of most punk-pop bands to which the group has been compared. Plus, she can actually sing. On their latest of many national tours, City Mouse are playing a different town every single night for three straight weeks, so rest assured that Rodriguez and her fellow road warriors will continue to get it right.

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