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Circuit des Yeux is unlike anything else in today's pop music world


Circuit des Yeux, Reaching for Indigo
  • Circuit des Yeux, Reaching for Indigo
Chicago-based Haley Fohr has traditionally brought her unique baritone voice to solo avant-blues outings that suggest Captain Beefheart or Ry Cooder. But Reaching for Indigo expands Circuit des Yeux to a full band effort, with jazz and orchestral arrangements that continue to emphasize the odd, as though Fohr was channeling Nina Simone on LSD. The eight tracks here barely exceed 30 minutes, yet they visit a universe’s worth of styles and arrangements, from the daring time signatures of “Brainshift” to the yelping chants of “Paper Bag.” Even arena rock is interpreted in Fohr’s own unique style, in “A Story of This World Part II.” Fohr’s earlier albums got Circuit des Yeux pegged as a minimalist opening act for others in the art-rock community. Reaching for Indigo demonstrates that she and her cohorts have assembled a full-blown project that is unlike anything else in the pop music world today.
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