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Friends With Kids (R)

Lions Gate

For her directorial debut, Jennifer Westfeldt perfectly casts herself opposite Adam Scott, her best friend and womanizing roommate. She's a woman who protests so much that she isn't in love with Scott's character that she agrees to let him knock her up as a kind of social experiment: Would it be easier to raise a normal kid if the anxieties of married life were a non-factor? Westfeldt recruits virtually the entire cast of Bridesmaids and couches the movie's suspect internal logic in brave new reproductive-world declarations. What follows could be read as trite and limp, but I found Westfeldt and Scott to be a dynamic pairing. Even the deceptively standard, running-across-town romantic climax is given a fresh, Wilder-esque twist that I adored. — Justin Strout


4:44 Last Day on Earth (NR)

IFC Films

The world is caught up in end-times mania. Maybe it's because people seem to be crazier, or because natural disasters feel more violent, or because we've been watching far too many History Channel programs about the Mayan calendar. Whatever the cause, let's agree that it's giving us some of the best apocalyptic film-fare, with movies focusing on the interpersonal relationships of those involved as opposed to the spectacle and bombast of just watching shit blow up. Maverick director Abel Ferrara's 4:44 Last Day on Earth, starring Willem Dafoe, is one such film — a quiet, plaintive piece about a couple's last night before the end. There is plenty of sex, emotion, revelation and tears, but also a surprising spiritual aspect. — Louis Fowler


Extraterrestrial (NR)

E-One Entertainment

When watching this latest film from Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo, who stunned genre fans with his evocatively imaginative take on time-travel tropes in Timecrimes, it's impossible not to be let down. While Timecrimes was unlike anything ever seen before, Extraterrestrial, about an affair-slash-love-triangle that occurs during a vague alien invasion, is pretty much Woody Allen meets District 9, but nowhere near as compelling as that would be, because he does nothing with it. If this were a dream project of Vigalondo's, more power to him for making it, but all it succeeds in doing is alienating those who looked forward to what he was going to do after Timecrimes. — Louis Fowler

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