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Black Limousine (R)

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Black Limousine, starring David Arquette, is probably the most challenging film you'll see all year, and probably the only reason you'll ever hear "David Arquette" and "challenging film" together. Arquette is Jack MacKenzie, a once-celebrated film composer who lost acclaim, family and money to alcohol. Looking for a comeback, Jack takes a job as a limo driver. But as he becomes more entrenched in the world of his passengers, it only solidifies his own self-loathing, drawing him into deeper despair. He breaks down, culminating in a Lynchian finale that is tensely cathartic, if not puzzling. Though bumpy, this is a ride you'll want to take. — Louis Fowler


The Hedgehog (NR)

NeoClassics Films

Nothing this year has moved me as much as the words, "Old fool," self-referentially harrumphed by Madame Michel (Josiane Balasko) in Mona Achache's adaptation of The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It poignantly occurs after a lovely, rare date in which Michel, a building super, is admired by Kakuro Ozu (Togo Igawa), a new tenant. Few actresses convey defeatism like Balasko, and hers is a perfect portrayal, taking the wind out of the premise's precocious sail: Paloma (Garance Le Guillermic), an 11-year-old tenant in an existential crisis, decides she will kill herself on her 12th birthday, giving her several months to document the absurdity of her existence. — Justin Strout


Storage Wars: Volume Three (NR)


In this must-buy third volume, strange things are afoot at U-Store-Its in southern California. For a handful of episodes, auction-entrepreneur Dave Hester is MIA, while later in the season so are bickering common-law couple Jarrod and Brandi. What's going on? Contract disputes? Scandals? Meanwhile, a new storage warrior, a sexy barracuda named Nabila, makes millions after securing the delinquent locker of sex-tape aficionado Paris Hilton. So much intrigue, so many double-dealings and mind-games. Not to mention the best character on TV, Barry Weiss. Where's his Emmy statue, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences? — Louis Fowler

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