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Strange Wilderness (R)
Paramount Home Entertainment
How long has it been since you've seen a movie where the main character finds a crazed wild turkey somehow attached to his penis, causing him to run about all hurdy-gurdy, ending up in a hospital where a sexy nurse has to "massage" the turkey's neck to loosen the fowl's hold? That long, huh? Yep, it's the latest dick-'n-fart-joke comedy from Adam Sandler's Happy Madison company. Yep, it's stupid as hell, but that's probably why it is so idiotically entertaining. Directed by Fred Wolf, reputable actor Steve Zahn is TV wildlife show host Peter, who, with all of his slob pals, goes to Argentina to find Bigfoot. Strange Wilderness was barely released in theaters, but it has its funny moments, mostly courtesy of Judd Apatow refugee Jonah Hill. Rent it if you must. Louis Fowler

The Grand (R)
Anchor Bay Entertainment / Release date: June 10
I have never really understood this country's fascination with televised poker, but that doesn't hurt this improvisational comedy from Zak Penn in the slightest. Actually, not knowing anything about the game helps. Comedy talents such as David Cross, Chris Parnell and Cheryl Hines deliver the laughs as card players who have no social skills except at the poker table. Woody Harrelson headlines as a drug-abusing casino owner trying to make a comeback, but the real star is German director-actor Werner Herzog as appropriately enough "The German," a character who can relax only through some very non-PETA-approved means. Every time he's on screen, you're guaranteed a laugh, which is weird considering he's the guy who directed the not-so-funny Fitzcarraldo. Double down and take The Grand home. Louis Fowler

Visions of Hell: The Films of Jim Van Bebber (NR)
Dark Sky Films
Low-budget auteur Jim Van Bebber comes off like a pretty creepy fellow in the Visions of Hell special features. But even those won't prepare you for a double shot of his two completed features, The Manson Family and Deadbeat at Dawn, in this new box set. Manson is a fictionalized acid-trip retelling of the well-known '60s murder cult, and Deadbeat is a fun '80s martial arts street-gang revenge flick with a hero who loves his crank. If that isn't enough, prepare to be freaked out by another disc. It's filled with short films, including My Sweet Satan and the documentary Doper, about, of course, a doper. Containing the most anarchistic, diabolic images a mainstream moviegoer can imagine, Visions of Hell is insanely interesting and darkly entertaining. Louis Fowler

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