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Tenebre (NR)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Last week, I called Dario Argento's Phenomena the best of his supernatural works. Tenebre, on the other hand, is the best of his murder mystery/giallo works. A fitting tribute to the "gloved killer" genre of the '70s, here Argento casts Anthony Franciosa as Peter Neal, a mystery writer who finds people around him dying by various gruesome methods. When pages of Neal's book are discovered near the corpses, he works to solve the mystery, which culminates in an unexpected and shocking ending. One of the most suspenseful films of all time, Tenebre is an Italian horror classic that has only grown better with age. Released to coincide with Argento's new film Mother of Tears, Tenebre is available by itself or as part of the Dario Argento Collection box set. Louis Fowler

Slogan (NR)
Cult Epics
French singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg was known as a hyper-complicated man, something reflected in both his stormy personal life and his acerbic art. It's a quality also evident in the 1969 film Slogan, a deeply bitter and ultimately aloof romance that is most famous for being the film in which Gainsbourg met his muse, Jane Birkin. Viewers may be turned off by the film due to its decidedly misogynistic angle, but, knowing Gainsbourg's attitudes, it is only fitting. In the film, he plays an award-winning ad exec who leaves his older pregnant wife to gallivant with an immature 18-year-old British woman. Mixing biting Madison Avenue satire with a bleak love story, Slogan is a long-lost cult classic of French pop-art cinema that gives us a rare look into the dark heart of a complex man. Louis Fowler

The Queen of Black Magic (NR)
Mondo Macabro
For sheer genre film insanity, no one can top the Indonesian film industry. No one. It proves this once again with the release of the horror classic The Queen of Black Magic, directed by Liliek Sudjio, which I can guarantee is unlike anything you've seen before. Relying heavily on a mixture of Indonesian superstitions and a strong belief in the power of Allah, national treasure Suzzanna plays a wronged woman who, hitting rock bottom, uses the powers of evil to cause the heads and skin of the men who hurt her to bubble and explode. When a highly faith-driven man comes to town, he inspires the townspeople to build a new mosque to end the diabolism. Mixing old-school special effects with a message not seen here in the West, The Queen of Black Magic is true world cinema that deserves to be appreciated. Louis Fowler

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