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Totally Baked: Unrated (NR)
Salient Media
You really want to know why, in our lifetime, marijuana will never ever be legalized? Because of horrifically stupid weed comedies like this one. Desperately trying to be a stoner Kentucky Fried Movie, the pro-cheeba comedy vignettes try too hard to have it both ways; some of the skits are lowbrow as can be, with potheads rolling around on couches laughing like idiots as boobs jiggle in front of them, while others try to interject "facts" about the pro-legalization movement at the most awkward moments possible. None of it is amusing in the slightest, with the filmmakers relying on tired sight-gags like a Twilight Zone parody and insanely bad pot-parody songs that grate worse than the latest Kenny G album. Flicks like this set the pro-weed movement back to the 1920s and, even worse, comedy back to the Pauly Shore age. Louis Fowler
To download: Totally Baked (Unrated) (Ws)

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season One (NR)
Warner Bros. / Adult Swim
It mixes the uncomfortable cringe factor of Andy Kaufman with the absurdist surrealism of Monty Python at its best, all in 10-minute increments. Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is a sketch comedy show that is so brutally confounding and so insanely hilarious, that when presented with characters like Casey and His Brother (a snot-crusted public access superstar and his dancing sibling), the Beaver Boys (two playa idiots who like white wine, shrimp and the ladies, in that order) or the lovable B'owl (a bat/owl hybrid for kids), many viewers will turn the thing off out of sheer revulsion. These are bizarre comedy sketches and extremely seminal viewing for comedy fans sick of the same-old topical sketches that go on for way too long, eventually opting for the easy joke. I'm looking at you, MADtv! Louis Fowler
To download: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Season 1

Party 7 (NR)
Synapse Films
At fist glance, the Japanese cult offering Party 7 has all the makings of an incredible cult film: cry-baby peeping toms, afro'ed assassins, a voyeuristic hero named Captain Banana and an awesome anim opening sequence that's actually better than the movie and that's the problem. The sequence seems to promise crazy kinetic action, but when the live action takes over, it drags and drags, never recovering. Taking place mostly in a small motel room, it's a comedy of errors and mistaken identities that is far too farcical to work in this setting. The dialogue goes on for too long, and the ending is worse than unsatisfying. What really sucks is that the director, Katsuhito Ishii, has been in wacky territory before, in films such as Funky Forest, and is fully capable of making a fun, hyper-active J-jaunt; too bad he couldn't do it here. Louis Fowler
To download: Party 7

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