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The Sweeney, Tom Green Live, and Sexy Evil Genius


Tom Green Live DVD

Tom Green Live (NR)

Image Entertainment

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 20 years since Tom Green first hit MTV. What's even harder to believe is that while so many other MTV phenoms have become nothing more than Trivial Pursuit questions, Green has managed to stay under-the-radar and still relevant, from hosting a popular Internet talk show from his living room to this latest endeavor, a stand-up comedy tour that hones his quirky, unpredictable comedy into a hilarious hour-long set. In between his popular catchphrases and antics, he tackles topics like his battle with cancer and the current Internet-driven social disconnect. Also included is a career retrospective that will make you want to dig out those Tom Green Show VHS tapes for old time's sake. Just like when he originally appeared, Green isn't everybody's cup of tea, but old fans will be pleasantly rewarded. — Louis Fowler

Sexy Evil Genius DVD

Sexy Evil Genius (R)


The best that can be said of this noir-lite, straight-to-DVD outing is that it won't leave enough of a mark to stain the résumés of its well-known stars. Sexy Evil Genius is at its most promising in the first half-hour, when straight-laced Seth Green, sexy and mysterious Michelle Trachtenberg, and boisterous Harold Perrineau find themselves at the same dive bar anticipating the arrival of the same ex-girlfriend (Katee Sackhoff). As they determine their respective impacts on their common lover's life and unpack the rumor that she got away with killing a recent boyfriend by acting insane, they get closer to the truth behind their gathering. Once Sackhoff arrives, however, the film steps right out of its workable premise and into a web of deceit too pointlessly twisty to bother keeping up with. The result is an uneven outing whose detours are more fun than its destination. — Justin Strout

The Sweeney DVD

The Sweeney (R)

Entertainment One

Based on a popular cult British television show, this recent big-budget adaptation starring gruff bad-ass everyman Ray Winstone is a rollicking surprise that will leave you seeking out the old series. Winstone is Jack, head of the Sweeney, the special crimes outfit of the London Police Department that uses rather unorthodox methods, including baseball bats, to nick the baddies. When a murder during a robbery threatens to shut down the department, the gang has to go off-duty to solve who's behind it. Sure, it may sound like a typical cops-and-robbers shoot-'em-up, but as directed by Nick Love, it's got such a cool Get Carter-meets-Mission: Impossible vibe that you'll wish you were watching this on the big screen. It's a shame that importing feature films based on British cult classics tends to be such a hard sell to Americans. — Louis Fowler

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