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Christen's follies

D-11 school board member in the limelight


"We have one culture in this country. It is the American culture."

--Eric Christen, criticizing the fact that not every classroom in the district displays an American flag.

"It is time to do what most have known must be done but have not had the guts to do."

-- Eric Christen, in a scorched-earth tirade published in the Gazette, demanding that "underperforming" schools, mostly in poor neighborhoods, be closed immediately.

"It's outrageous that you are teaching our children."

-- Eric Christen, during a combative Election Day discussion recounted by North Middle School teacher Brian Mandabach, who had confronted the school board member after he illegally planted yard signs for Republican candidates at the school, which was also a polling place. Christen subsequently threatened the school's janitor with the loss of his job if the man removed the signs.

I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education.

-- Eric Christen, calling on an end to public education. Christens proclamation, broadcast online by the California-based group Alliance for the Separation of Church and State, was made before he ran and won office in Colorado Springs.

He was just an angry guy.

-- Oregon Republican state Rep. Tom Brian, who was unsuccessfully challenged by Christen in 1996. At the time he ran for office in Oregon, he was on probation for a road rage incident that happened the year before.

Why the hell is he on the school board?

-- Mark Townsend, a D-11 parent and president of the Colorado Parent Teacher Association.

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