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Sixty seconds with Robert Lamm



Indy: Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire are teaming up this summer for your third tour together this decade. Why is this such a good combination?

RL: Quite honestly, those tours back in 2004 and 2005 were just so much fun on a personal level and on a musical level that we were looking forward to when we would do it again. The fact that we were from the same era and we were working from that same starting point — the songs — that's really the common ground and why it works. There's a lot of fine musicianship required to play those songs.

Indy: Will the two groups play together the way you did on the previous tours?

RL: There is a good 20 minutes to a half-hour at the beginning of the show together, and there's a solid 40 or 45 minutes at the end of the concert, with the two bands together. The real fun for me is we get to sing and trade vocals on each other's songs. That is the intriguing part for the audience: How is Lamm going to sound singing [Earth, Wind & Fire]?"

Indy: Your two bands recently recorded a new song together called "You." Could you see Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire doing a full album together?

RL: That idea popped up during the recording. Why not do an album together? Two bands like Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire certainly could make an interesting and credible and fun project together. With that many people [in the bands], it comes down to what's the majority going to be. The material has to be vetted, the schedules have to be vetted, and we actually have to do it.

— Alan Sculley

At Englewood's Fiddler's Green, July 14.

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