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Cherry Glazerr Migrates from Riot Grrrl to 1990s Indie


Clementine Creevy has replaced fellow band members in Cherry Glazerr for each of three albums, until the band’s original riot grrrl sound has morphed in the new Stuffed & Ready (Secretly Canadian) to a full-on 1990s sound emulating Pavement or Sebadoh. The two men, Tabor Allen and Devin O’Brien, who complete the trio might suggest Creevy has shelved her up-front feminism, but she’s really just solidifying a personality that centers the Los Angeles guitarist on crisp guitar licks.

This is the first version of Cherry Glazerr fully defined by Creevy’s angst-ridden consciousness and her high, breathy alto voice. When Creevy veers toward metal in tracks like “Wasted Nun,” her talents are less convincing. When faster songs display hints of The Breeders, Cherry Glazerr hits its stride.

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