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Sixty Seconds with Tommy Chong


Tommy Chong
  • Tommy Chong

Indy: So, have either of you ever smoked pot?

TC: Uh, well, I did. I never inhaled, though. You see, what happens, I found this out that scientifically, I don't know how it works, but both Cheech and I have THC in our voices. Just the sound of our voices can get everybody stoned, including ourselves.

Indy: You're probably the only person this century to get sent away for paraphernalia. What was that like?

TC: It was an honor. Quite an honor, you know, to be singled out. I was just having breakfast and Arnold Schwarzenegger came over and said hi to me ...

Indy: Didn't you used to buy pot from him?

TC: No, but I used to smoke with him. I used to hang out with this muscle-head friend of ours, and we'd all get high and smoke out of a bong. I knew Arnold from when he first came over. I was a muscle-head and we worked out at the same gym. He actually trained me one time. He looked at me and he said, "I looked at your body and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it."

Indy: After a couple decades apart, whose idea was it to base the reunion tour around music?

TC: I guess both of us. Music was always the big equalizer. You couldn't do comedy in front of rock 'n rollers without having some kind of music in there. I mean, the whole reason they're musicians is either they can't use that part of their brain or they don't want to.

Indy: So do you feel more secure now that Homeland Security is around?

TC: Oh yeah. And the Patriot Act. Oh boy, that really took a load off my mind.

At Denver's Paramount Theatre, Dec. 20-21.

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