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Tired of all those pesky potholes randomly scattered on the roads around town? Or maybe you'd just like to catch a break on those ever-increasing utility bills. What local issues would you like to see a newly elected Springs mayor address?


Susan Rissman from downtown is a massage therapist and singer

Do you know who you're voting for in the mayoral race? Yes, Richard Skorman, without question.

What about Skorman do you like? I sing on Thursday nights in his restaurant, and I just see what he has done for this whole area, and how it's created so much community. His stores have created community and I think he'll do the same as mayor.

If elected, what kinds of changes for the city would you like to see come from Richard Skorman? I think continued support of the foundational pieces of the city, and not just downtown, but the continued support of small business in the city, is a big deal.


Amanda White from the south side is a receptionist

Do you plan on voting? Yes, I do.

Have you decided on a mayoral candidate? Not yet, I'm still looking at the options.

How do you think this election compares to national elections? The local scene always seems lower scale. It's hard because I don't really see the changes that they've promised either nationally or locally, so it's hard to really judge that there's a difference.

How will you decide your vote for mayor? I'm going to look at the issues that they're saying they're going to solve. I'm going to see if the changes that they promote are going to help the individuals as well as the community — that's what I'm looking for.


Mark Slaugh from central Colorado Springs is general manager of a medical marijuana center

Who are you voting for? It was a tough choice for me. What set it was the [Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council] political mixer, when the candidates were able to come out and speak. Hearing Tom Gallagher and his passion and his vote on how he's gone for medical cannabis in this city so far, is really what cemented my vote for him.

Is the particular topic of medical marijuana the main issue you'd like to see addressed in the city? I think it's a huge issue we have to address, especially given the saturation of dispensaries in town and how we're going to be moving forward.

How do you think our local elections compare to the national political scene? I think we have one of the most divided cities in the nation. We're probably a very prime example of how the rest of the world looks.

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