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Changing of the guard



From the mid-1990s through most of this decade, James Dobson (Focus on the Family) and Ted Haggard (New Life Church) were formidable political forces in Colorado Springs. What do their departures bode for local politics?


Barbara Nisar
Cheyenne Meadows


How will Dobson's resignation affect Focus on the Family? I'm not sure. I listened to his family advice radio show back east. That's mostly what I know about them.

Characterize your feelings about Dobson. Positive at least on the family advice side, which I thought was very sensible.

How will his departure affect local politics? I don't like blatant church involvement in politics. There's been a lot of that here, I know, and maybe the Ted Haggard scandal and Dobson departure will lessen that.

Is the evangelical movement losing steam? They'll remain a national force.

What would you give Dobson as a parting gift? I'd just wish him luck.


Vernon McKee Howard

Retired aircraft mechanic

Describe Dobson's importance to Focus on the Family. He stood up for God and for his convictions. He never backed down on the issues.

Characterize your feelings about Dobson. He's a great man. He had a vision, and he achieved it. The Lord used him.

Will the Haggard scandal and Dobson's departure diminish evangelical influence locally? Who knows that? I do know that the media likes to find fault with people who stand up for the Lord. It's part of man's ... nature to try to bring someone who lives with the Lord down to their level.

What would you give Dobson as a goodbye gesture? I'd just let him know that Colorado Springs and all Southern Colorado were blessed by his ministry.


Stuart Hiser Norwood

Software engineer

How would you characterize James Dobson himself? I'm not a fan. He comes across as arrogant and self-righteous. He has an attitude of "I'm right and you're wrong, argument over."

What will his departure mean to conservative politics? Focus on the Family will remain politically active, I'm sure, and from what I understand, Dobson will still be around, weighing in. There may not be much change.

What's your take on Focus on the Family? I suppose they do some good in the community, but they tend to be self-righteous, arrogant, reactionary. They demand their way.

What would you give Dobson as a parting gift? A "Go Obama!" bumper sticker.

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