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Ceschi Ramos’ genre-hopping takes him to “unknown sonic territories”


Ceschi’s coming to Brewer’s Republic on Oct. 17, and he’s bringing along another new album — Sans Soleil. - RILEY DEACON
  • Riley Deacon
  • Ceschi’s coming to Brewer’s Republic on Oct. 17, and he’s bringing along another new album — Sans Soleil.
Ceschi Ramos, the New Haven, Connecticut-based singer/emcee, has rightfully earned a passionate national following for his wide-ranging music, which spans hip-hop, folk, punk and beyond into previously unknown sonic territories. More specifically, the captivating performer could now also fairly be called a local favorite, given his frequent stops at the Triple Nickel Tavern, Black Sheep and old Flux Capacitor. It’s fitting, then, that less than six months after his last Black Sheep performance, where he celebrated the release of his LP Sad, Fat Luck, he’s back hitting Brewer’s Republic on Thursday, Oct. 17, with yet another new LP under his belt.

Sans Soleil, released in early August through Ceschi’s own label Fake Four Inc., serves as the second installment of what he has announced as his final “trilogy” of albums. Even by Ceschi’s own eclectic standards, the LP is wildly musically diverse, featuring guest appearances from fellow travelers Yoni Wolf, Open Mike Eagle, Onry Ozzborn (another exemplary talent who has developed a kinship with the Colorado Springs music scene), and many more. In keeping with the spirit of genre-smashing, for his Brewer’s Republic appearance, Ceschi will be joined by Bullhead*ded and Clarion Void.

As Ceschi hops relentlessly from acoustic folk to suffocating lo-fi beats to widescreen psychedelia over the course of Sans Soleil’s 21 tracks, he, per usual, showcases his prodigious talents as a singer, rapper and songwriter while sounding more unfiltered and raw than ever — through both the musical adventurousness and forthright emotion on display, it often seems like an album conceived within a dream, plugging directly into the artist’s unconscious mind.

Elsewhere, it seems that you can start your Halloween celebrations early this year, as former Misfits vocalist and all-around spooky fellow Michale Graves pays a visit to Sunshine Studios on Thursday, Oct. 17.

While his resumé includes collaborations with Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, an extensive solo career and time fronting the bands Graves and Gotham Road, Graves, of course, is best known for his late-1990s tenure with horror-punk legends The Misfits. The 1997 and 1999 LPs American Psycho and Famous Monsters were helmed by Graves, performing with then-members Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, and Dr. Chud as the first post-Glenn Danzig lineup. (Well, more or less, anyway. You’ll be relieved to know my contract does not permit me to fill the entire column with Misfits lineup minutiae.)

As fate would spookily have it, Graves’ current “American Monster” tour focuses on those very two Misfits LPs, presenting them live in their entirety. Joining Graves on his monstrous Sunshine Studios stop are Sins of Man, Six of Crows, R.A.S.P. and Brand of Julez.

Finally, also in keeping with the season, Portland-based black metal outfit Uada plays the Black Sheep on Saturday, Oct. 19. Uada — Latin for “haunted” — possess a sound that blends black metal intensity with a pronounced melodicism and classic metal panache that would likely make them an excellent entry point for listeners unaccustomed to black metal in general. This jagged and spectral sound is brilliantly on display with their sophomore LP, Cult of a Dying Sun, which was released in May 2018 (and partially recorded, incidentally, at Sawn & Quartered studios in Denver). Even if you’re not someone who’s completely sold on the unclean black metal vocals, the almost hooky guitar work on tracks such as “Snakes & Vultures” goes down easy, and the more subtle atmospheric moments, such as the shadowy “The Wanderer,” make for arresting contrasts.

Uada’s Colorado Springs stop should be of particular interest to local metal fans, as they will be joined by locals Tovenaar and a rare, welcome live appearance of Manitou Springs black metal act Helleborus, who are set to release a new album of their own, Saprophytic Divinations, in early December.

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