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Cat park heralds a new age

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News, like events, has its own schedule; we can no more dictate it than an orchestra conductor can play a solo.

No, our lot is to be like the catcher behind the plate, unsure what ball is being thrown or even who's at bat. Sometimes we're not even sure what game we're playing.

Still, we take some pleasure in being able to bring you the news of America's first outdoor cat park, opening here in Colorado Springs — especially now, on the first day of April, a month traditionally marked by nature's trickery and change.

For what is an outdoor cat park (besides an idea whose time has come) but a great change, not only in our regard for our city's felines, but in the way we look at all the world's creatures?

For too long our cats have been relegated to second-class status as indoor animals, bereft of the joys of a breeze between their legs or an endangered fish between their teeth. Not anymore.

Species-ism is becoming a fool's game, a thing of the past. With the opening of America the Beautiful's cat park and the impassioned advocacy of groups such as Front Range Free Range Kitties, we believe the day is approaching when the terms "human rights" and "animal rights" will seem as dated as Lady Gaga's meat dress. And when that day arrives, the Independent will be front and center, hand in paw with our animal friends, a smile on our faces and a twinkle in our eyes.

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