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Comic returns to his roots on Academy Boulevard



As a comedian, Cash Levy has made it. And he started right here, in Colorado Springs.

Levy gave his first performance as a Colorado College senior in 1992, taking the stage at Comedy Corner (now Loonee's Comedy Corner on Academy Boulevard).

Since that time, Levy has been on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, has run the late-show gamut and offered regular comedic commentary on FOX Sports. His everyman brand of humor relies on many of the standards: sex, relationships, family, sex.

The California native decided he wanted to be a comic at the age of 16, when he snuck into San Francisco's The Other Caf with his girlfriend. That night, perhaps comedy's most famous everyman (at least among the yuppie sect), Jerry Seinfeld, was headlining.

But the life of a young farceur isn't all late-night guffaws. Levy says nothing prepared him for the first couple of years of being a comic.

"You have to learn while you're on your feet," he explains. "You don't have those golden jokes you later have to fall back on."

Just because his friends found a joke funny one night at the bar, it didn't mean the joke worked in Iowa, or in an inner-city club. Levy employed a special tactic to get through those tough first years: He didn't write down his jokes.

"People don't write on a computer how they talk," he says. "And you want to sound like you do when you're at your funniest with your friends."

Levy sharpens his material by taping his shows and watching them later, paying special attention to new material, a process that weeds out lesser jokes. An established comedian reaps only 15 to 20 minutes of new material a year, he says.

So how does the comedian feel about being back in his old stomping ground? Well, he's got warm memories of hanging out in his favorite booth in Old Chicago's on Tejon Street, and he plans to go back this week.

Let's hope the table's open.

Cash Levy

Colorado College's McHugh Commons, 1090 N. Cascade Ave.

Monday, July 2, 10 p.m.

Free; for more information, call 389-6607 or visit

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