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You asked for it ...

Last week, the Colorado Department of Revenue released a preview copy of the rules it expects to finalize at the end of January, and asked the public to e-mail comments about it. We blogged the news, and asked to be copied on any feedback sent. Here are some of the ideas we saw:

• Coordinate with fellow medical marijuana states to add the ability to use your Colorado MMJ card as patient proof in that state to purchase medicine.

• Mandate that law enforcement check with the state to see if an individual is an MMJ patient before executing any type of search and seizure based on a suspicion of growing or possessing marijuana. Make failure to do so a punishable offense.

• Remove the five-patient restriction on caregivers.

• Add employee protection from termination due to being an MMJ patient.

• Remove the requirement that a patient have his or her application notarized before sending to the state.

• Mandate that the Colorado attorney general be required to sue the federal government if they "interfere with medical marijuana users, growers or distributors operating in compliance with state laws."

People have until Jan. 14 to comment on the rules, which will be finalized during public hearings Jan. 27-28. See for more.

Website swap

As anyone who's tried to advertise MMJ on Craigslist knows, it's a pain in the ass: Listings are blocked and flagged with irritating regularity, says KC Stark, owner of Aromas and Herbs. The frustration led him and Mason Cathey to create MMJ-Exchange (, a website where center owners post listings of surplus product for other owners to purchase as a part of the 30 percent they're not required to grow.

So, what makes the site so different from Craigslist?

"They're verified listings — we confirm and verify the listing within 24 to 48 hours," Stark said in a phone conversation Tuesday. "We're actually able to speak with them, and basically right now, that means whatever weight you have in cured product, that day, that minute, that hour."

Stark says that while it's still early and traffic on the week-old website is still picking up, he's seen encouraging signs.

"We had a person sign up this last week from Lakewood. We had a person sign up from Denver. We had a person sign up from Colorado Springs. And those people might not have ever seen each other," he says, noting the monthly fee is $29.95. "So it really allows them to expand their network. Expanding your network in this business is almost as important as making a dollar."

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