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Searching smarter

Nobody pushes web-based medical marijuana services harder than KC Stark. The local entrepreneur and advocate runs physician-recommendation site and the investment-focused He also ran center-to-center business network before selling out to partners last December.

But around the same time, another bug bit, and was born. "It's a direct competitor to Weed Maps, but it's all local — nothing but local centers," says Stark.

Of course, is "the biggest dog on the block, as far as the [MMJ] industry's concerned," says Stark. The site acts as a sort of Yellow Pages for dispensaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Hawaii and other medicinal-cannabis-friendly states.

But like most corporate Davids, Stark doesn't see Goliath's size as something to celebrate.

"Weed Maps has kind of become the Facebook, but they're so, just, they've monetized every pixel of their website. [It] has become very cumbersome to navigate and, you know, just get the basic information on what people usually want," he says.

"But what we do is a little different: There's no crazy ads everywhere, just down and dirty to the facts — kind of using the Google [design] principle."

Right now, MMJiq lists around 70 Colorado Springs centers.

Broken burglary

A couple men broke into Garden of the Gods Wellness Center (5030 Boardwalk Drive, 268-0063) a few weeks ago. The center's declined to talk about the intrusion in hopes of giving the police more time to catch the duo, but now the truth must be shared:

These criminals are dumb.

"It happened about eight minutes after midnight," says manager Lori, who requested we withhold her last name. "It was two guys; they were wearing beanies, black sunglasses, black hoodies, and one had a blue bandana and the other had a white bandana.

"The one in the blue bandana pulled everything off as soon as he got in," she says with a laugh.

And the take? "The only thing they got was, they got all of our glass and a little bit of edibles that I hadn't put away."

Lori says her cameras essentially captured a 365-degree view of the one guy's face, resulting in pictures distributed to other centers and surrounding stores.

In the meantime, it's a bit of a bummer regarding the stolen glass.

"Bummer on the glass," she agrees, "but by the way they shoved it in their bag, they broke most of it anyway."

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