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CannaBiz: Fountain man looking to change ban



Citizen seeking scrawl

Admittedly, things could have gone easier for Al Lender.

"Well, I wanted the commercial license for an optional grow facility, because I was part of a dispensary in the Springs," the Fountain resident says, referencing JP Wellness. "So here I went forward and built the whole freakin' grow, and I can't do it."

The problem? A ban on medical marijuana in the city of Fountain, which narrowly passed last year. Consider it strike two for Lender, who prior to the election had been denied in his request to grow MMJ on his 15-acre lot. (You may remember that in that case, Lender confronted City Councilor Harold Thompson and was allegedly elbowed in the head in response.)

So now he's exercising more ... democratic options.

"I went in [to the City Clerk's office] and found out what I needed," Lender says. "I need 269 [signatures] to put it back on the ballot, and that's very easy to get."

Call 661-5054 to assist.

It's (not) getting better

"I'm stressed the fuck out."

That's how Shan Moore's doing. Moore made headlines earlier this year in speaking out on behalf of his son, a 16-year-old MMJ patient and Harrison School District 2 student. His son, one of just a couple dozen minors in the state with an MMJ card, saw Sierra High School renege on an agreement that would allow him back into class if he treated his typically once-a-week health episodes off-campus.

The school later reversed its position. But it has not gotten any easier than that for the father, who's had to drop to part-time work to be available for his son.

"I'm getting nowhere with coming up with anything on how to help my son out." His son currently has to walk more than a mile from school to home for his medication, all while experiencing the effects of an attack of Myoclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter, which can bring on seizures. "I got a friend four blocks from the school who's willing to become a caregiver," Moore says, "but can't because [my son] is a minor."

Harrison School District 2 officials have previously shown little interest in amending district policy forbidding federally illegal drugs on school property.

Bud shake

• To hear from a variety of city candidates, hit the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council's mixer at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 21 at the Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery (25 W. Cimarron St.,

• The Vibrant Health Clinic is offering free hour-long yoga at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays at the Inner Space at Poor Richard's (322 N. Tejon St., #224,

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