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Cannabis discounts last, Canna Meds expands and more




It's cheap medicine, too

If you missed out on last weekend's grand-opening celebration of Big Medicine Cannabissary (2909 N. El Paso St.,, fear not — the discounts continue. Center reps say that through the end of the month, customers can expect 20 percent off all edibles; four-gram eighths for $20; $125 ounces for bottom- and middle-tier bud; grams of shatter for $25 or two grams for $40; and one oil cartridge for $20 or two for $30.

"You're like, 'Damn dude, I'm coming over now,'" says owner Kirk Miller. "I mean, you drop a hundred dollars here and it's like Christmastime for people. They're dancing out in the parking lot and shit, but I gotta have 'em move on because there's not that big of a parking lot."

See? A celebration.

Bigger, someday

Canna Meds Wellness Center (506 N. Chelton Road, will not only open a second Colorado Springs location at 317 N. Union Blvd., but will expand into Denver as well.

A few caveats to each, however. First, the Denver location was supposed to offer space both to grow and sell, but an unrelated dispensary ended up opening down the street; because the law limits how many licensees can sell near each other, the site will host a grow operation only. The second is that the Colorado Springs location won't open for another few weeks, also known as the time the center expects it will take to hear back from the state on its license.

"They have our check, they have taken our money," says operations manager Mike Conaghan. "We're hearing it's taking a while. ... We've been waiting a very long time, and it's starting to be frustrating. We've been paying rent on this building for seven months."

Keef crumbs

Denver law firm Vicente Sederberg LLC, which was mainly responsible for the wording of Amendment 64, recently announced what it's calling "the first professorship of its kind in the world." It's giving the University of Denver $45,000 to fund the Vicente Sederberg Professor of Marijuana Law and Policy position over three years. Professor Sam Kamin will be the first to occupy the position.

"Our state and our school are poised to take a leadership position in this important new area of law and policy," says Sturm College of Law dean Martin Katz in a press release. "The rest of the country is watching. We need to do this right. We are extremely proud of the pioneering work done by our graduates at Vicente Sederberg. And we are honored to name a professorship for them."

• Hit the third annual Cannabis Prom at Speak Easy Vape Lounge (2508 E. Bijou St., at 8 p.m., Friday, May 22, "for music, food, and a whole lot of dabs!" Tickets are $5 for members, $8 for singles and $12 for couples.

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