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Can You Say Disgusting?


Saving Silverman
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Can you say ... disgusting? There's no saving this nasty little vehicle aimed directly at the groin area of 14-to 15-year-old boys. In spite of the terrific comic stylings of Steve Zahn and Jack Black, this buddy flick is so burdened by its attempts to gross out the audience at every turn, that being mildly entertained at the beginning quickly becomes a faint memory.

If you are a female character in this film you are either: a) a flaming bitch; b) a nun; or c) a whore. No kidding. If you are a male character, you are either an idiot or a sadist.

A clever buddy film idea -- three best friends, one of them hooks up with a terrible woman, the other two try to save him -- starts out sweet, sours quickly and ends up being one whopping stomachache at the end. The PG-13 rating is inexplicable given the nastiness and foul intent of all the sexual content. It's no coincidence that Saving Silverman is directed by Dennis Dugan, the man responsible for making Adam Sandler a movie star.

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