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Cafe Leo is Woody P's answer to third wave coffee


  • Matthew Schniper
Cafe Leo started in July 2012 and is now just across Highway 24 from its first location. It’s Woodland Park’s answer to third wave coffee, competently roasting and pouring precise drinks, but also making concessions to satisfy local palates. I’m told that means eschewing medium roasts in favor of medium-dark roasts, like an Ethiopian-Guatemalan blend that helps compose my cappuccino ($2.90/8 ounces). Sans more info, I’m guessing the Ethiopian might be washed vs. naturally processed, as I discern no fruitiness; the Central American bean adds a mild, nutty balance. It drinks velvety under a plump rosetta design in cinnamon-dusted foam.
A matcha latte ($4.10/16 ounces) lands quite sweet. Instead of just green tea powder, Leo’s using a mix that incorporates vanilla and some sort of sugaring (they’ve already tossed out the label so we aren’t sure). I’d prefer just the tea and perhaps a honey option, but in a cloying way, this one’s still enjoyable.
Location Details Cafe Leo
320 W. Midland Ave.
Woodland Park, CO
Coffee/Tea and Coffee Shop

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