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Café 225 is only getting better


  • Mathew Schniper
First Pres Church’s 5-year-old coffee shop/meeting space, which didn’t start out bad at all, has only continued to get better over the course of our sporadic visits. Which is to say they totally impressed us one afternoon recently with a couple of fun and well-made chalkboard specials.

First, an iced butterbeer coffee soda ($4.50/16-ounce) excites our Harry Potter nerdom, served not from a foaming tankard as in Hogsmeade, but instead placing butterscotch Monin syrup ­— not so much as to make it sickly — with espresso and half-and-half plus a pour of seltzer water for effervescence to offset the heaviness. (Merlin’s beard!) Next, a wildflower latte ($5/16-ounce) also heads sweet but not too much so, lacing the same Switchback-roasted Guatemalan espresso with lavender syrup and honey. Instead of milk, we go breve-style with half-and-half and appreciate just how the honey helps play up the floral note.

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