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Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles, Walk of Shame, Death Spa



Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles (NR) (Blu-ray)

Shout! Factory

Martial-arts master Toramaru is seeking the "Cosmic Way," an all-inclusive fighting discipline that will gain him mastery over numerous other styles of hand-to-hand defense. To do this, however, he must fight seven masters of said other art-forms. So it's time to learn the enemy's strengths and weaknesses from ingesting their favorite foods. In between multiple plates of some of the most exotic, delicious-looking plates the East has to offer, the audience is treated to one beautifully choreographed fight scene after another, with numerous classically trained fighting styles up for superiority. Bushido Man is a truly unique variation on the traditional martial arts film and comes off like the first made-for-Food Network action flick, which is something I've always wanted to see. It's a tight, entertaining 88 minutes that cuts out the pretension of so many modern martial arts flicks, in favor of flavor. — Louis Fowler

Walk of Shame (R)


Walk of Shame is a comedy about a scantily clad female newscaster played by Elizabeth Banks. So when the movie opens with a montage of YouTube newscaster gaffes, you know it doesn't bode well for either women or the news profession. This lazy comedy from writer-director Steven Brill, known almost exclusively for making terrible movies with misogynistic bents, is bullying and brainless to the core. The plot revolves around Banks' efforts to make it to her news station in the course of a typical business day, despite being lost without money following a one-night stand. It's an uncomfortable problem, sure, but thanks to this woman's total lack of resourcefulness, it's a task that devolves into life-threatening madness. She's also attractive, which in Brill's world means she could only be mistaken for a hooker. It isn't "the hood" this girl should be looking over her shoulder for; it's Darwin. — Justin Strout

Death Spa (NR) (Blu-ray)

Gorgon Video

The mighty 1980s genre stalwarts at Gorgon Video — you might remember them as the dudes behind the video release of Faces of Death — are back after a lengthy absence, just in time to cash in on the DVD trend of producing high-quality reissues of the lowest-caliber crap. Their first release is the fantastically goofy 1987 demonic possession thriller Death Spa. At the local health club, horny instructors are offed by the futuristic computer system that becomes possessed by the owner's dead wife. So, of course, various workout equipment is used to maim, meaning total first-degree aerobicide. Featuring genre vets like Ken Foree, Rosalind Cash and Shari Shattuck, Death Spa is an exercise in neon-tinged horror fun that would've made the perfect VHS rental back in the day. Hell, it's the perfect Friday night horror rental now, and you don't even need Mom's Blockbuster membership card. — Louis Fowler

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