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Building Three Coffee Roasters is up to speed with its mocktail menu


Building Three's Sproda. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Building Three's Sproda.

We’ve highlighted coffee cocktails, or mocktails, several times in the recent past here, from Story Coffee Co.’s Old Fashioned spinoff, to The Principal’s Office’s “brewhito” (a mojito twist) to Urban Steam’s gingerbrew. Point being we’re having as much fun trying these drinks as the shops appear to be having creating them.

Building Three is more than up to speed with six different drinks on a recent mocktail menu, to include an easy Sproda (espresso with IBC cream soda) and more innovative cold brew margarita (vanilla, lime and cayenne in the potent stuff), each $4. The first essentially tastes like ice cream, drinking like a melted affogato. The cream soda alone cloys (they hand us the rest of the bottle and we try a sip), but the pungent espresso quickly mitigates the sweetness, so it’s not a total sugar bomb — it finishes smooth. By contrast, the margarita’s cayenne bites hard up front, in a good way, its heat fading to reveal the citrus (we don’t discern much vanilla) then strong coffee base.

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