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Bubbles Drive Thru Coffee

Bubbles Drive Thru Coffee

340 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., 213-6417

Bubbles Hand Car Wash & Detail Center opened last April, and this coffee addition sprung up in mid-December, fueled by Barista Espresso and Specialty Roasting. Hence the handful of white espresso (commonly called zombie espresso) offerings on the menu, and a signature offering of Barista's roaster Glenn Powell. You may recall that this blonde roasted bean packs more antioxidants but also about triple the caffeine.

In the Fix Me, I'm Tired ($5/large), a butterscotch-hazelnut mocha, the light bean's peanut-buttery quality shines through the syrups to guilty delight. But I prefer the white espresso more in the War of the Worlds ($4.75/large), where it's balanced with dark-roasted espresso. The contrast continues with dark and white mocha inputs and a touch of vanilla. Still sweeter than anything stodgy Third Wavers will want, but fun. A whipped cream hit makes it like drinking a down pillow, would that one could. — MS

Tony's Bar

Tony's Bar

326 N. Tejon St., 228-6566,

In relocating across Tejon Street, Tony's accomplished that rare feat wherein an eatery manages to keep the same sensibilities that made the original so popular. New Tony's is like Old Tony's — televised sports, Packers gear and PBR for days — except you're not drinking in a hallway anymore. You would never know the bar hadn't been there forever. Plus, now there are pool tables, and even bathrooms that can fit more than half a human.

Food also stays the course. If you're not going to order fried cheese curds, you could go with something like the Mad Chicken ($8.95), a bit of fried-chicken fun. The cornmeal bun disintegrated, leaving me with a buffalo-sauced Double Down, but much flavor was had by all. A quarter-pound cheeseburger ($6.95) won't supplant your gourmet favorite, but there's nothing to complain about, either. Good french fries, too, thick and meaty. — BC

Bull & Bush Brewery

Bull & Bush Brewery

4700 Cherry Creek Drive S., Glendale, 303/759-0333,

As a British-inspired pub and eatery, Bull & Bush dates back to 1971, but adjacent brewery operations didn't begin till 1997, and statewide distribution of several house labels only started in 2014. So there's newness to the oldness and a new opportunity to get your hands on some Man Beer (around $4.50/16.9 ounces), which won a gold medal at the 2012 World Beer Cup.

Said brew weighs in at 7.7 percent ABV and pours amber-bodied and notably heavier and maltier than most IPAs. From that rounded fullness it hits somewhat of a one-hop-note finish, which isn't disagreeable. This is a man who doesn't carry a "manbag," shall we say. By contrast, the 4.0 GPA (same price), a summertime leftover billed as a grapefruit pale ale with fresh-squeezed juice, pours straw-colored at a sessionable 4 percent ABV. The citrus notes have apparently flattened over time, as we only detect a tongue-drying, acidic finish. Still, not bad. — Matthew Schniper

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