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Chris Knight, also known as CK, real name, Bruce Schoening, has been around: Tucson, Dallas, St. Louis, the Bay Area, Denver, Colorado Springs.

Being a rock 'n' roll disc jockey eventually makes a fellow stare at the sky and wonder, What else is there? "I'm an old guy," CK claims, "I'm 50. I started to ask myself, 'Do I want to do this every friggin' day?' "

Three years ago this month, CK landed himself a morning talk show on KVOR 740 AM from 9 to 10 on weekdays and it was an immediate wake-up call. He was besieged by the handful of regulars -- angry men with names like "Ron," "Don" and "Mike" -- who fire on-air salvos from their home bunkers while safely shrouded in anonymity.

CK's initial criticism of gun rights resulted in a threat to him and his family. Since then, he's learned an appreciation of the Second Amendment, though he admittedly still doesn't quite get the "whole arsenal in the basement thing."

He loves to debate hot-button issues like God and Iraq and also gets off talking about local history and the demise of K-Mart. He's tired of those cranks who have dominated Colorado Springs talk radio for years, leaving the rest of us running away screaming.

When "Mike," for example, calls in to inject an anti-homosexual rant in the middle of a show about the greatest movies ever made, CK has no qualms cutting him off. "He's no longer welcome on my show." CK also abhors "tattletales" like anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce, who once called CK's boss to complain that CK hadn't immediately returned a phone call. "He's not welcome on my show anymore either."

Ultimately, CK would like to incorporate his real initials into his talk show: BS in the Morning. It's got a nice ring to it.

-- by Cara DeGette

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