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Bryan Ostrow’s sound advice


  • Sean Beaman
If you’ve gone to pretty much any metal show in Colorado Springs, you’ve almost certainly run into Bryan Ostrow, whose wide-eyed enthusiasm and broad knowledge of all things high-decibel have made him stand out in our local music scene. In addition to a contagiously positive attitude, Ostrow is known for booking local and national acts at the Flux Capacitor DIY venue, co-founding the zine-turned-label What’s Left, and playing in the bands Blighter, Night of the Living Shred, and 908 (who leave for a Japanese tour on Oct. 11). Following are some of his favorite recordings, from Wolves in the Throne Room to Crass to — well, see for yourself.

Essential Saturday night song: “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. I got the pleasure of interviewing him for my zine several years ago and he was the coolest, nicest dude, and I take a ton of inspiration from him. To him, “party” isn’t necessarily getting drunk and drugs, it is simply being happy and doing what you want to do. Want to do something? Life is hard? Make the best of it and make your life a party.

Essential Sunday morning listening: “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” U2 cover by Saul Williams. Saul Williams is an incredible spoken word artist that started using his poetry in hip-hop music. He did a collaboration album with Trent Reznor [Nine Inch Nails] and this song is on it. I think it’s put together super awesomely.

Artist more people should know about: Moodie Black. We just went on tour with an incredible rap duo called Moodie Black. They play insane industrial noise-infused hip-hop. They have visuals and are loud. They should be huge right now.

Most important albums I ever bought: Elil by Fall of Efrafa, Two Hunters by Wolves in the Throne Room, In the Nightside Eclipse by Emperor, Vespertine by Björk, Ænima by Tool, Bottle of Humans by Sole, They Hate Francisco False by Ceschi, Feeding of the 5000 by Crass, Live at Roseland NYC by Portishead.

Songs I wish I’d written: “Welcome Home” by Radical Face and “Trains” by Porcupine Tree. I usually play loud, heavy, fast music. But songs like these are amazing. The songwriting and layers they both use are incredible.

Guilty pleasure: “Toxic” by Britney Spears. That’s right, I said Britney Spears! This song makes me want to pour an appletini down my throat, snap these metal fingers of mine, and dance the night away!

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