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Brian Eastin's sound advice


  • Miranda Davie
Brian Eastin has been involved with the Colorado Springs and Denver music scenes since 2001. “Both of my parents are profes- sional musicians and both went to college for music,” he says. “The music curse runs in my family and it happily landed on me.” Eastin’s current band, Had I Known, recently released a first EP and has another on the way. You can catch them March 8 at the Triple Nickel.

Essential Saturday night listening: Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk. Most people only know them for their “It’s My Life” song, which was butchered by No Doubt. With this album, the group brilliantly expanded the possibilities of post-punk, while essentially committing commercial suicide. Listen to it in the dark and you just might love it.

Essential Sunday morning listening: The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths. The album will jumpstart any Sunday as soon as the wah-wah pedal on the opening title track kicks in. “Cemetery Gates,” “Bigmouth Strikes Again” and “The Boy With the Thorn in His Side” all give a sense of euphoria that cuts through any British nostalgia. The album is anchored by its softer, darker songs like “I Know It’s Over” and “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out,” leaving no doubt that this is an album that could only have been made by The Smiths.

First record I bought with my own money: Dookie by Green Day. When I was in fourth grade, EVERYONE had that CD, and I mean EVERYONE. I still think it’s a good pop-punk record, still fun to visit now and again. The first CD I was ever given was in second grade by my dad. He gave me The Black Album by Metallica, and I LOVED that record to the point of ruining the CD itself, rendering it unplayable.

“Wish I’d written that” song: “The Veil Between” by The Velvet Teen. It’s prob- ably one of the most beautifully written and performed songs I’ve ever heard and as the end approaches, you just want it to keep building as much as possible. Quite a deep and profound song to me, one I wish I had written.

“Wish I could unhear that” song: ANY- THING by Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons. Their songs deserve to be left in a nest full of hungry baby hawks, ready to rip each one apart, never to be seen or heard again.

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