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The start of our first-ever Colorado Springs Craft Week is another mile marker for the Pikes Peak region's food-and-drink scene. So where are we now?


Gavin Straub from the west side is an accounts servicer

What is your favorite local craft beer? I'd say probably Pikes Peak [Brewing Company] up in Monument.

What kinds of beers do they make? They do a little bit of everything. They've got a wheat, an amber, a stout, a whole wide range of stuff. It's all really thick or complex.

Where do you go for coffee? You're not gonna like it, but Starbucks. It's easy on my way to work. But I'm always willing to try local options. I know there's a fair amount of them downtown, but it's not really on my route.


Tyler Jonas Castro from Widefield is a filmmaker

Do you like any local beers? Yeah, actually ... I think that Laughing Lab is [local]. Yeah, they're Bristol, that's in town. And I like their Beehive. I like Bristol's Beehive. I think there are others I'm spacing out on here ... Oh that's right, Rocky Mountain Brewery! I performed there with a metal band. What was that bacon beer called? I think it was like Big Pig or something like that. I wish I could remember it.

What do you think microbrewing adds to Colorado Springs? I think it makes it. There's actually a new brewery coming out called Fossil [Brewing Company]. I actually was the director of photography for the mini-documentary they used for their Kickstarter [campaign]. So I was there firsthand to see what it takes as far as getting into the community, because local brewing, microbrewing, is very much getting into the community. It's getting to know people, it's making connections, it's giving something to them, and it's developing interpersonal connections. So I've seen firsthand the value of starting one.


Robert Christian of Falcon is a line worker

Do you have a favorite local beer? Laughing Lab. I just like the flavor.

Where do you go for coffee, usually? The Perk [Downtown]. They're closed for remodeling, but we usually go to the Perk.

Why do you like their coffee? It's tasty coffee and it's local.

How important do you think the craft beer industry is to the Springs? I think it's important for tourism and to promote the Springs.

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