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First, Susan G. Komen for the Cure rescinded, then reinstated, funding for breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood. Then a tussle broke out over whether all employers (except for houses of worship) should cover contraception as part of their health care package. What's up with women's health?


Mike Wright from downtown is a welder

What do you think of Komen's call to stop funding breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood? I'm not too hip on that. I think early detection is key. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have it, you know, screening or the opportunity to detect it. 'Cause I'm a guy, but I wouldn't wanna get it!

Why have these controversies become as big as they have? Honestly, because I think politicians have nothing better to do and they wanna just stir the pot or whatever. Because honestly, I think if these issues were happening to them or their family members they wouldn't make such a big deal about it, or about stopping things that help people.

Think such issues could influence the election? I think they could very easily become a spoiler for one guy who never has the chance to be an elected official but he brings them up just to throw the other guy off.


Debra Brown from Mountain Shadows is a school administrator

Do you believe that all employer health care plans should cover birth control? I think that health care plans should cover birth control. It is part of women's health and family management.

Why do you think the recent controversies became so big? Well, we're in a political year, and in my personal opinion, I do believe that there are conservative voters that wanna make a stance again, and want to control that issue.

So, do you think women's health will become part of the presidential election? I believe so, definitely. And I just hope we stay strong, and continue to fight for what we feel is right as women and [for] our families.


Andrew Barrow from the east airport area is unemployed

What do you think of the recent controversies over women's health? Birth control. Do they need it? Yes. Should women be on it? Yes. The whole funding thing, should it stop? No.

Do you think all employers' health care plans should provide birth control? They should provide [it] because, of course, it keeps you safe and for health reasons.

What about the Catholic church? Yes, 'cause once again, it may not be just for the reason of intercourse.

Think these issues will be a big factor in the election? Oh yeah, definitely.

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