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Borriello Brothers and CMB team up in Manitou; Falcon getting new brewery

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Spa mates in Manitou

The Manitou Springs Spa Building space at 934 Manitou Ave., former home of Adam's Mountain Café, will as of around early February host what's tentatively being called Borriello's Restaurant and Taphouse — a joint venture between Borriello Brothers and Colorado Mountain Brewery.

Building contractor Chuck Murphy, addressing flood concerns that prompted the Adam's move, says Jersey barriers remain in place, with a concrete wall to come. He also plans to add three feet to the patio-side Fountain Creek wall. "I think we're in good shape," he says, noting a signed five-year lease.

Borriello co-owner Bill Stein says he and CMB's Dick Koons have already collaborated on The Pub at the Hub, a 15,000-square-foot sports bar on Fort Carson that's been open nearly half a year. "When you see a good location, you just know it," Stein says. "That is the prime location in Manitou — how could we not think about this?"

Expect 12 taps (no brewing on site) and a combo of each eatery's menus, from pizza to Colorado-centric plates, plus more info soon.

JAK pot in Falcon

The Falcon/Peyton exurb will see its first brewery open by late January, tentatively, in the form of JAKs Brewing Company (7654 McLaughlin Road). Its name is a mash-up of initials from its four partners' names, says CEO Antonio Lee, who's also an active Air Force reservist.

Two other partners are also Air Force members, making this the third military-minded brew outfit in the Springs area. Red Leg Brewing is veteran-run and pays homage to military service, and Iron Bird Brewing Co. counts an Air Force Reserve pilot among its management staff.

"Maybe down the road we can host an Army vs. Air Force brew fest or something," jokes Lee.

The JAKs crew boasts decades of collective homebrewing experience and aims to engage area homebrewers with guest brew opportunities, as well as the wider community, which has already chimed in on Facebook to name a BlackJAK Chocolate Porter, JAKs Cast Off Red Ale, JAKs Dirty Blonde and JAKs Rabbit IPA.

While on their Facebook page, you'll notice mentions of "stay[ing] aggressive," a nod to Schriever AFB's 26th Space Aggressor Squadron, which trains fighter pilots "how to go into combat in degraded environments," says Lee.

He says that spirit will carry into "pressing the edges of the barrel a bit" with unique twists at JAKs, such as a high hop content to the blonde ale and a quad hopping in the IPA. JAKs will eventually host eight taps, including a gluten-free cider, all made currently on a Brew-Magic half-barrel system inside of 1,200 square feet (700 of that tasting room). Expect house popcorn and regular food-truck service.

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