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Sixty seconds with Arno Kammermeier



Indy: You two actually play synths and electronic drums during live performances. Isn't that hands-on approach against techno protocol?

AK: We are musicians, and we like it when the audience realizes that we actually work on stage. A lot of acts in the electronic scene who say they play live look like they're checking their e-mails. Of course, we use computers on stage, too in fact we have four of them, some running in sync but it's just one part of the setup.

Indy: Back in '07, sampled your club hit "Body Language" for his own "Get Your Money." How did that come about?

AK: The way I heard it was that sampled "Body Language" assuming that it was some random unknown Ibiza underground track. It wasn't until he was told that, in fact, it was a very well-known song that he cleared the rights.

Indy: Last year's The Sun & the Neon Light and the new Cinematic Shades albums are more down-tempo. Are you getting mellow on us?

AK: Cinematic Shades is a compilation of the slow songs from the first three albums, because we had the feeling that many people predominantly know us from our energetic live shows. But there always was this rather soundtrack-orientated, epic side to Booka Shade. On Sun & Neon, our aim was to try out more songwriting and more vocals. We even included a symphonic orchestra on two songs. The new album that we're working on at the moment will be very energetic again.

Indy: Your label back in Germany is called Get Physical. Are you big Olivia Newton-John fans?

AK: Not seriously. But we like the connotation of "get physical": Dance, nightlife, get together under the disco ball. Feel don't think. Sweat, have a good and positive time, let go.

At Denver's Beta Nightclub, March 19.

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