Raise the dead with George Washington



Now this is how you get an editor's attention inside the first line of a pitch letter:

Hello, I am with a group of local film makers who are working to produce a pilot for a television series here in the Colorado area about two friends that travel to 1774 where they must team up with George Washington to chop down a mutated cherry tree that is causing the dead to rise from their graves.

Short, sweet, local ... and oh yeah, zombie-centric.

zombie George Washington everywhen
  • 'Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a p — JEEZUS! What in the colonial crap is that?'

Visit the Kickstarter page for this project, or Everywhen's home page, and you'll learn more about this hopeful project from local filmmaker James Fenczik.

Ambitiously, perhaps too much so, Fenczik has set a Kickstarter goal of $98,700, thus far backed by 11 donors for a total of $1,221.

By contrast, Sarah Lotfi only asked for $9,658 in assistance to make Menschen. (She got $5,484.)

And veteran filmmaker Pete Schuermann set his sights at $65,000 for Creep! (He got $70,151.)

But who knows, perhaps backers will respond with strong support for this fantasy, historical time-travel series, which has much more in store if it can first get that mutated cherry tree chopped down.

From the Kickstarter site, here's what would be ahead:

Whether it’ s fighting zombie’s with George Washington, trying to sink the Titanic to keep murderous monsters from reaching land, bringing Amelia Earhart to the future, helping John Wilkes Booth destroy a robot Abraham Lincoln, or facing off against Nikola Tesla as he tries to steal their technology and use it himself… It’s never what you’d expect or learned about in history class.

Check out this brief video for a couple laughs and the general tenor of Fenczik's humor:

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