Parking blues, or good news?



Through long months of economic blahs, parking near the Indy's office on South Nevada Avenue has been a breeze. Not to spoil things for those in the know, but there's a fair amount of free parking southeast of downtown on Vermijo Avenue, Weber Street and others. Most days, arriving at around 8:30 ensures an easy find.

But that's changed this week, as a new contingent of early risers has descended on this neighborhood.

Anyone out there know what has changed? Is it just that a bunch of jury trials have commenced at the nearby courthouse? Are people starting new jobs? Could it be actual good economic news?

For the record, I spent five minutes on hold before getting to ask about this at the Fourth Judicial District Courthouse. In return, I received only an unilluminating "I don't know" from a clerk who sounded annoyed.

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