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Blank Canvas Café deserves a lot more attention


  • Matthew Schniper
Blank Canvas Café is underrated. They operate as a part of Ariel Clinical Services’ Dream Catchers, which provides vocational training for at-risk youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. The café also enjoys an artistic backdrop due to an attached studio.

Fare hits an appropriate level of creativity with gourmet foundation. My spring asparagus salad ($10), differing slightly from a menu description, sees goat cheese, zucchini threads, radish slices, roasted asparagus and walnuts over green leaf with grated Parmesan cheese and a zesty lemon-olive oil dressing. Adding a generous portion of smoked salmon costs only $3 more. A cup of angel hair rice noodles in a coconut milk-chicken Laksa soup ($4), made with the mild but floral curry paste, beautifully presents lesser-seen Peranakan cuisine (early Chinese meets Malay). Matching that with a matcha latte ($4/12-ounce) makes sense for deep green tea essence, teased with a tiny splash of vanilla syrup.

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