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Blackfield makes it enjoyable to wallow in moroseness


Blackfield, "Blackfield V"
  • Blackfield, "Blackfield V"
Some who know of Steven Wilson’s reputation as a modern-day progressive rock hero might shy away from Blackfield, thinking it’s another of his ambitious, musically knotty works. But this long-running collaboration with Israeli singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen is instead a vehicle for the astoundingly prolific Wilson to express his most accessible pop leanings. Heartbreak, melancholy and regret are Blackfield’s stock in trade, but Blackfield V makes it enjoyable to wallow in moroseness. Geffen’s predilection for lyrical repetition is surprisingly effective here. Shimmering and beautiful string arrangements provide a lush backdrop for minor-key ear candy, and “Sorrys” suggests that Geffen’s voice is likely to grow on listeners who give it a chance. The single “From 44 to 48” is representative of the quality found within every track on Blackfield V. It’s a strong contender for the year’s best album.
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