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Bites 2010

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Welcome to Bites, an Independent resource for dining out locally.

In the coming pages, you'll find an alphabetized rundown of more than 140 Pikes Peak area eateries. Any restaurant that we reviewed in 2009, and is still open, has been included and marked with a review date. Also, any restaurant voted to the top of a 2009 Best Of category is in here.

In addition to these two collections, we've incorporated a third: the restaurants we consider must-know spots. These are the places to which you'd take out-of-town guests, or that you'd count on yourself for a perfect brunch or date night.

We readily acknowledge that this does not make for a complete compilation. While we have the appetite, we unfortunately have neither the manpower nor the space to feature every taqueria, tapas bar and Thai joint in the city.

And we expect some of you will have much to say about what we've missed. With that in mind, please take note of p. 25, which includes guidelines for submitting your own reviews on our Web site. You can also sound off by writing to

A couple notes: Pricing is indicated with a dollar-sign system. Places with one dollar sign generally sell entrées in the $5 to $10 range; two signs, in the $10 to $20 range; and three signs, $20 and up. Also, in the back of the guide, you'll find indices (organized by cuisine and part of town) for easy navigation.

So dig in. And happy dining to you and yours.

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