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Bitcoin noise and dogs off leash


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Kudos to Pam Zubeck

I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely impressed with Pam Zubeck and her writing and reporting of the article about the Bitcoin noise problem in Chelsea Glen.

I'm Ron Graham-Becker, one of the neighbors Pam interviewed for the article. I was blown away by her accuracy, her clear explanation of the many issues involved, and her timeliness. This article read like an expose, unmasking the failure of local government to prevent an outrageous noise problem from happening in the first place.

It also provided a good explanation of Bitcoin, which is not an easy subject to understand.
I'm very appreciative of the article and hopeful that it will help in the resolution of this noise problem. The main reason I contacted Pam to do this article was because of her expertise and many years of excellent reporting. ...a very high quality journalist, indeed.
— Ron Graham-Becker

On the leash

Dear Fellow Dog Owners,

As the friend and guardian of two senior rescues (which many see as yappy terriers), I need to appeal to you, one dog friend to another.

A little background: my dogs are older. I rescued them only a few years ago, not truly because I was being selfless in helping out older dogs to find a home, but because I fell in love with them. I know many of you have similar stories, so you can understand.

Because my two little ones are older, they have a history. Unfortunately, this history is full of things that terrified them, things which they continue to believe will destroy them, me, and every chance of happiness in the wider world. I continue to work with them to help them understand that bicycles, children, motorcycles, and other dogs are not the weapons of mass destruction that they seem to believe. However, progress is slow, particularly when we go for walks in public parks – parks which have posted leash laws – even the public park section like Bear Creek which is just up the road from the leash-free joys of the dog park. This is because several of you, my fellow dog owners, insist on allowing your dogs to run off-leash in those parks. As some of you might well imagine (and some of you most certainly have experienced), this naturally terrifies my dogs within an inch of their lives.

While I understand how fun it might be for your dogs to run and be free wherever you choose, I feel compelled to point out a few facts about this.

First, it’s illegal in public parks which are not designated leash-free zones. Some of you might not be bothered by the fees of such a ticket, though I certainly would be, but it’s generally not viewed as a healthy thing to establish such a cavalier relationship with the law.

Second, by allowing your dogs to run free in such a place, you risk terrifying reactive dogs like mine. This may not be something that you feel concern for, however, if your dog or dogs are confronted with a pair of dogs who are prepared to die in their own defense, your dogs may not react in ways that you can predict. Your dogs may in fact decide that this explosive reaction is something worth getting worked up for, possibly even to the tune of hundreds of dollars in vet bills on one side or another (really: if this had not happened previously, I would not be so certain of such an injury). Even if the encounter does not result in high vet bills, it may result in your own dogs developing a degree of anxiety about meeting other dogs.

If we all keep our dogs leashed in public parks, reactive dogs like mine have a hope of avoiding naturally inquisitive dogs. If we all keep our dogs leashed in public parks, we can all minimize the risk of injury to all dogs and to others (like runners and bicyclists) who may provoke a chase response in our exuberant dogs. If we all keep our dogs leashed in public parks, we can all equally share and enjoy those public parks.

Here’s wishing you and your furry charges all the best that the future can bring—

— Shannon Miller, on behalf of Gizmo and Willow

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