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Bingo Burger's badass boozy shakes



I'm a longtime Bingo Burger fan, but it's been a while since I've been in; I try both the burger and boozy shake of the month, with a basket of fries. The total tab, post-tax and -tip, is $33.44, beyond bourgeois burger prices into ouch-territory. A mix of Parmesan-herb and sweet potato fries ($4.75/large) scores with awesome dips — we choose roasted garlic bleu cheese and lemon-rosemary aioli — but I wish I'd only gotten the superlative sweet potatoes, as the other spuds tasted like they'd been sitting out and lacked the herb component. The Blazing Saddles Burger ($12.50, made with quality Colorado beef) lands overly complex with ingredients competing and canceling each other out. Green chilies in the patty and grilled onions get muted by bacon and smoked cheddar; horseradish-chipotle sauce closes with a hint of smoky earth. The raspberry cheesecake ice cream, chocolate sauce, Irish Cream Black Tulip ($8.50) shake smacks sensational, thick, rich, bright with each flavor and not overly sweet.

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