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Better than nothing ... barely



Nowadays, it's tough to resent any kind of paying labor. That doesn't change the fact, however, that some pretty nasty jobs exist out there.


Gary Jensen
Old Colorado City

Small business owner

Name your worst-ever job. Power-spraying lime deposits out of a giant cooling tower when I was 15. We had to wear special suits in 100-degree weather in a giant tank on top of a building.

What would you say if you saw your boss from that job today? Actually, I saw him last March at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in Salt Lake City. I gave him a hug.

Did you take any life lesson away from that gig? It made me realize that I can do hard things and it'll be OK.

Rate your present job on a scale of 1 to 10. Nine and a half. I'm not stuck in a cubicle, I make my own hours, I go fishing when I want. My customers love me, I get told every day I'm appreciated, and I get handed tips on top of $35 an hour.


Kandiss Bartlett Horch
Pion Valley

Wellness coach, staff developer

What's the worst job you've had? Waiting tables at this place where I was the only waitress. It was impossible to keep up when it got busy.

What would you say now to that boss if you happened to see him today? That his way of doing things lost him a lot of customers and an excellent waitress.

Did you gain a life lesson working there? Yeah. Choose never, never to work in a situation like that again.

Rate your present job on a scale of 1 to 10. Nine or 10. I love facilitating meetings, helping nonprofits achieve their missions, helping people get healthier making a difference in people's lives.


David Walker


What's your worst-ever job? Stocking shelves all night in a grocery store from 7 at night to 7 in the morning. My boss held grudges, let people he liked get away with things, and tried to get people he didn't like fired.

Name the worst job you know of that anyone could have. Someone I know cleans septic tanks. His wife makes him strip down and hose off every day before he's let in the house.

What's the best job you can imagine? My present job, but having my own fiber-processing mill on my property for my alpaca and sheep.

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