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Best Seafood English Dockside 2220 N. Academy Place, 380-7732 With his perfectly fried fish, divine crab cakes, and shrimp po' boys, Charles English brings the ocean's freshest treasures (and massive burgers) to our landlocked hamlet. DTR Best Dolma Persian Grill 36 E. Bijou St., 635-7749 Wrap elegantly seasoned rice in grape leaves and you've got the unequivocal king of Mediterranean finger food. Persian Grill's dolmas are perfectly warm, rich and true. MS Best Sushi Roll Shinji's Cooked Salmon Roll 308-M S. Eighth St., 475-0669 With capers, sweet basil, green onion and warm salmon, this unconventional roll will shut your eyes, slow your breath and force an "mmmmm" sound to rival a "Sesame Street" vocabulary lesson. MS Best Negotiable Gourmet The Cliff House Inn 306 Cañon Ave, Manitou Springs, 685-3000 For those with food allergies: At The Cliff House, you'll be accommodated like royalty, whether wheat, onion, milk or virtually anything else is your poison. JK Best Hot Sauce Selection Big City Burrito's Push Tray Big City Burrito

131 E. Bijou St., 578-5555 Kick your burrito up a notch with Big City's wide array of sauce selections. Beware: The only way to differentiate the "hot" and actually hot is to try 'em. PF Best Dessert Caspian Caf's Orange & Saffron Caramel Cream 4375 Sinton Road, 528-1155 A dessert with saffron? Trust me: I'm a despicable food snob, and it's euphoric. Eating this light custard is truly a unique experience. MS

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