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New Taco Bell/Pizza Hut One-stop Shop
12 S. Tejon St.

Winning five Best Of Awards in the Independent's first five years wasn't going to induce Pizza Hut into resting on their laurels. And last year's Mexican restaurant runner up, Taco Bell, is always looking for an edge when competing against establishments that actually prepare and cook real food. Heralding a promise for the future, the two local favorites are merging their resources and bringing their act to the heart of downtown. Where else can you get a seven-layer burrito with extra cheese and mushrooms? Now if we can just replace Pikes Perk with a Texaco and put a Walmart up where the Ritz and Il Vicino now sit (don't mess with Starbucks), we'll cover all the survival needs for the 21st century without having to leave the block. (OP)

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