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Park with the Best Shade


Boulder Park

Located just west of Memorial Hospital on Boulder Street, this is the place for toddlers to test their climbing skills without frying their delicate skin under the broiling Colorado sun. New parks spring up frequently in the newer subdivisions around town, but the few trees they have are mere saplings, not providing enough shade for a family of gnats. As far as Boulder Park, somebody in the past was really thinking. Huge, established trees surround the playground equipment, and tired parents can even find benches to rest on without searing their thighs on sun-riven bolts. If we could only get the narrow-minded, egomaniacal, misanthropic, supremely lazy, extremely annoying and -- dare I say it? -- slow-witted folks with dogs to clean up the fecal matter their pets deposit in the grass, the park would be a paradise. (MBP)

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