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Best Place To Find Obscure Movies (Rentals)

802 N. Nevada Ave., 632-8410
3163 W. Colorado Ave., 475-8621

Never mind the hard-to-find underground classic you've been searching for, Toons is the place to go to find the movie you always wished for but never knew existed. The first time I was in, I looked in the Native American film section and found a copy of N. Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn, which was turned into a movie so quietly a couple of years ago that if you weren't in Toons, you wouldn't know it. I'd hate to try and count the number of categories featured at Toons that you won't find anywhere else. For starters, they have a wall of films filed by director, knowing that their clientele is more likely to distinguish films by their directors than by their superstars. They also feature substantial sections of foreign films -- organized geographically -- documentaries, concert bootlegs, B movies and even soft porn. Nobody's perfect, however, and it may just be a sign of their cutting-edge hipness that the employees were unaware that a film had ever been made called Let it Be. (OP)

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