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Best of Goods and Services: Making us look good

Best Book Store for Asking Questions

Hooked on Books
3918 Maizeland Road., 596-1621.

I love to fly, and yes, that's relevant. To me, a two-hour flight means an uninterrupted two-hour binge of reading, with no overhanging feelings of guilt that I should really be doing the laundry, mopping the kitchen floor, grocery shopping or some other heinous task. With a good book, I can tune out screaming babies, mouth-breathing neighbors, the fact that my butt feels about two inches wider than my seat, family feuds, minor turbulence and strangely disturbing engine noises. So how do I find books for these sacred occasions? I go to Hooked on Books. I say, "Can you help me find a book?" I ask that question a lot in there. They don't make fun of me. They help me find a book. I can say, "I want a fat, engrossing, highly entertaining book for an airplane ride" or ask for something specific,

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