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Best of Food and Drink: Vital Vittles

Best Sandwiches, Weirdest Fixin's, Best Homemade Pie Selection


Dutch Kitchen
1025 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-9962

The Dutch Kitchen looks like, sounds like and is a cozy little Manitou hot spot -- for those who know about it. And if you like Thousand Island dressing, bacon, sauerkraut or sour cream sauce on your sandwiches (not necessarily in that order), you should know about this place. With 20 different sandwiches to choose from, not including burgers or their house dinner deals, you're bound to find a sandwich that you'll crave from that day forward. Appropriately, all sandwiches are served on decent bread. How you could possibly offer a corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut sandwich on anything other than pumpernickel is beyond me. Glad to know the folks at the Dutch Kitchen think so too. But they've been doing this since 1959, so they're pros. Which brings us to another issue: homemade pie. Nevermind blueberry, apple, banana cream -- whatever the flavor. They are all good at the Dutch Kitchen. All of the time. Always homemade. A la mode. (SB)

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