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Grindewald German Delicatessen
1105 S. Tejon St., 475-1414

Far from the maddening crowds, on the corner of Tejon and Las Vegas, Grindewald German Delicatessen is a window to another world, where cheese is from Bavaria, the chocolate is from Switzerland, and the radio broadcasts German covers of Elvis songs. There's hardly room to sit down and enjoy a hearty lunch at one of the few tables tucked away behind rows and rows of food items, souvenirs and magazines, all from Germany. What a treat to walk the aisles of what feels like a convenience store without once seeing the familiar brand names that bombard us with homogeneity on every third street corner. The brats are immensely satisfying, the kind of experience that makes you wonder what the other two meals of the day are for. But don't limit yourself to the brats; check out the daily specials, indulge in some easy conversation, and savor the atmosphere at an Old World deli that bans the notion of any food described as "fast." (OP)

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