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Best Bakery Bread at Supermarket Prices

Continental Pastries' loaves of delight. - CASEY KERRICK
  • Casey Kerrick
  • Continental Pastries' loaves of delight.

Continental Pastries
2226 N. Wahsatch Ave., 632-2592

The category's name says it all. Scrumptious bread with decidedly scrimpy prices. There's nothing worse than shelling out good money for rye bread at the grocery store, then when you get home you realize the premium price paid for three layers of plastic wrapping, a rustic-looking label, three caraway seeds and some caramel coloring. That doesn't happen at Continental, where the bread is good, honest, hand-hewn bread, whether white or wheat or baker's bran or rye. All the loaves come unsliced, but the counter help will happily (and quickly) run any loaf through the bread slicer. Watching the slicer can be the highlight of your visit, because it sort of bounces and jiggles the loaf through the slicing blades. The bread would giggle like a baby if it could, although if it did, probably no one would have the heart to eat it. WARNING: This bread is not good for rolling into balls and throwing at your siblings. This bread is not, under any circumstances, to be mixed with white glue and made into beads or Christmas ornaments. (MBP)

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